I’ve performed thousands of Laser Vision Correction procedures since the FDA approved Laser Vision Correction in 1996. Since the beginning, I have always been fascinated about why so many people are motivated to have Laser Vision Correction performed on them.Recently, I performed a case study in which I asked my patients, who were between 2-15 years post-Laser Vision Correction, why they decided to have their Laser Vision Correction procedure. In the end, I consistently found the same answers: “I was fed up with wearing glasses” and “I hated my contacts.” Laser Vision Correction Surgery can significantly decrease your dependence on glasses and contacts. In addition, Laser Vision Correction, when performed properly, is extremely safe.  If you have problems with wearing your glasses or contacts, Laser Vision Correction is the solution to your problems. We welcome you to schedule a free consultation with us, to find out if you are a good candidate for Laser Vision Correction. When performed correctly on the appropriate, well-maintained equipment, Laser Vision Correction can change your life!

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