Laser eye surgery is relatively fast and painless, requiring only about 15 minutes for the actual surgical procedure. Some of the things you should expect to occur during LASIK include:
Numbing eye drops are applied. This anesthetic ensures your procedure is pain free.
Speculum is used to hold your eyelids open. This device does not cause you any pain, but it prevents you from blinking during LASIK and keeps the surgical area accessible.
Suction ring is placed over your eye. Because of the pressure created, it is perfectly normal for your vision to go dim at this point. The suction ring is necessary to keep your eye still as the corneal flap is created.
Corneal flap is created. The IntraLase laser painlessly creates a flap in your cornea. The suction ring is removed at this point. Dr. Levinson will then lift the cornea flap.
Cornea is reshaped.Using an Excimer laser, Dr. Levinson reshapes your cornea to improve your vision. You hear a snapping sound as the laser is running.
Procedure is completed. The corneal flap is re-positioned by Dr. Levinson.
Immediately after LASIK, it’s normal for your vision to be hazy or blurry. This blurriness should dissipate in the hours following your procedure.

If you live in Denver and want to know if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery, please contact Richard A. Levinson, M.D., to schedule a consultation.

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