Dry eyes are very common after LASIK and PRK.  The dryness is due to damage to the superficial sensory nerve endings in the cornea by the Laser.  These sensory nerves are the nerve endings that sense dryness in the cornea and then tell the tear glands in the eye to make tears.  The nerve endings do regenerate and regain function although they may not completely return to normal.  Most patients seem to experience significant dry eyes for 1-2 months after surgery that responds to lubricating eye drops or punctal plugs,   In my experience, long term dry eye is not common after Laser Vision Correction but patients do occasionally mention dry eye symptoms when opening their eye in the morning after sleeping.  This is sporadic and doesn’t seem to cause vision problems or interfere with their daily activity.  Very rarely, and I have not seen this occur in any of my patients, long term debilitating eye pain after Laser Vision Correction has been reported.  In my experience, long term corneal discomfort after Laser Vision Correction is very uncommon and the vast majority of patients report no eye discomfort at their one year post-op visit.

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