The beauty of LASIK is that you don’t have to do anything to maintain the results. Unlike glasses or contact lenses, there won’t be any cleaning, repairing or replacing of your LASIK results.
The modification of your cornea achieved with LASIK is permanent. Your LASIK results should remain unchanged over the years, although you are likely to experience vision changes due to presbyopia. This eye condition affects everyone at about age 45. It is caused by changes in the eye’s lens, causing you to have difficulty focusing on up-close objects. Many people wear reading glasses to overcome presbyopia challenges.
It is also important to have realistic expectations of LASIK results. It is possible you will still benefit from the use of glasses for distance vision, although only 5 percent of Dr. Levinson’s patients have needed glasses for distance. It is also possible you will need an enhancement LASIK if your eyes are overcorrected or under-corrected.
To make sure your LASIK procedure is successful you will go to follow-up appointments at our office. You will have appointments the day after your procedure, day four, one week, two months, six months and one year. These appointments allow us to make sure you are healing properly and that you are getting the best vision improvement results possible.

To learn more about LASIK in Denver, please contact Richard A. Levinson, M.D., to schedule a consultation.

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