Often times potential Laser Vision Correction patients believe they have more desire and want for Laser Vision Correction then they actually have the means for. At first glance, this attitude can be understood, with average costs ranging between $3,500 and $4,200 for both eyes. However, a closer, more in-depth analysis of price can reveal a far more affordable situation. The easiest way to create a more realistic scenario on life-enhancing Laser Vision Correction is to apply for LASIK financing.
While it is a wonderful feeling to be able to pay for services outright, it is just not possible many times. Here, at Dr. Levinson’s office, we encounter many deserving patients of Laser Vision Correction each day who budget and plan accordingly, in an effort to afford such a wonderful procedure. Their solution, often times, is financing with Vision Fee Plan. Because of Dr. Levinson’s preferred surgeon status, Vision Fee Plan offers his patients the option of its 18 month, no interest, financing plan. Now, a once unattainable procedure becomes much more realistic with affordable payments.

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