High-tech procedures like LASIK are always accompanied by their fair share of myths and misconceptions. Some of the most common LASIK myths include:
LASIK is high risk: While there are inherent risks of LASIK surgery, the actual complication rate of the procedure is low. Serious, sight-threatening complications are rare, and other side effects can usually be effectively treated if they do occur.
LASIK can give anyone perfect vision: You should not expect perfect vision from LASIK. The majority of Dr. Levinson’s patients achieve 20/30 vision or better, and someachieve 20/20 or better. Other patients still benefit from the use of glasses for clear distance vision.
Your results will in part be affected by your candidacy for LASIK. The success of your LASIK journey can be determined by your specific vision error, your prescription, your eye health and other factors.
LASIK has to be performed several times: LASIK is a one-time procedure achieving permanentresults, although about 5 percent of patients may benefit from an additional enhancement surgery.
Dr. Levinson can provide all the facts about LASIK when you visit us at our Denver-area practice.

In Denver, get more information about laser eye surgery. Please contact Richard A. Levinson, M.D., to schedule a free initial consultation.

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