The minute we’re born, we begin to slowly lose elasticity of the lens of the eye, and the ability to focus our eyes at near.  By age 35, we’ve lost 75% of our focusing and by age 50, we’ve lost 95%.  About age 43ish, we typically start to need reading glasses or bifocals. If, after age 43, we LASIK or PRK both your eyes for distance vision, you’ll need reading glasses to see at near, such as your phone.  Monovision is a highly recommended option.  If you’ve had monvision in your contact lenses, you’ll easily transition.  If you’ve never experienced monovision before, it takes some adjustment.  Monovision patients are typically seeing at distance and near without correction within days for LASIK and within 1-2 weeks with PRK.  It make take 3-6 months, however, before monofit patients become comfortable with monovision so that they no longer are aware they are doing it.  However, if they didn’t monofit, they’d be acutely aware of the need for reading glasses for the rest of their lives.

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