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Laser Vision Correction Fees Includes:

Wavefront CustomVue Lasik Vision Correction Surgery in Denver Colorado

Initial complimentary (no charge) consultation to determine if you are a candidate for Laser Vision Correction.

All Laser and Laser Center Fees.

Laser Vision Correction procedure performed by Dr. Levinson.

 All pre-op and post-op Laser Vision Correction visits, with Dr. Levinson, for one year. These visits are typically scheduled:

1- 5 days after the procedure.
1 week after the procedure.
1-2 months after the procedure.
4-6 months after the procedure.
1 year.

Any enhancements that you may need after your initial Laser Vision Correction procedure are included in the fee for one year. We also offer you free retreatments after one year with our free Lifetime Promise Agreement program. Click here for details on our Lifetime Promise Agreement.

You will have to purchase antibiotic and steroid eye drops. These can cost approximately $150 but are typically at least partially covered by your medical insurance.

There are no “hidden” fees.

Please note, however, that we do not provide a lifetime of “free” eye exams after Laser Vision Correction. All visits after the first year are NOT included in the Laser Vision Correction fee, unless otherwise specified (ex. enhancements, and pre- and post-op visits related to the enhancements). If you have insurance coverage for these visits, we are happy to bill your insurance carrier for you. If you do not have insurance for these eye exams, Dr. Levinson offers a 25% discount off the usual and customary fees.

(If your primary concern is a “low-cost” Laser Vision Correction, please feel free to call my office and we can advise you which of the “low-cost” Laser Surgeons we would recommend and why. Remember, though, as the price drops, so does the quality.)

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