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Ophthalmologist Denver

Looking for an experienced and professional Denver area Ophthalmologist?

Give Dr. Richard Levinson a call! As a board certified ophthalmologist, he has been offering compassionate and comprehensive eye care since he started his private practice in 1979.
For the last two decades, Dr. Levinson has been provided life-changing, corrective laser eye surgery.

In fact, he has helped thousands of people in the Denver-area decrease their dependence on glasses and contacts through this safe and effective surgery.
As a certified eye surgeon, Dr. Levinson provides routine eye care, as well as treatments for both glaucoma and cataracts.  From LASIK and PKR procedures, to Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty  to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma, Dr. Levinson and his caring staff offer exceptional treatment for patients in Denver and surrounding areas.

While you have several options when it comes to eye surgery, our quality of care is what sets the Levinson Eye Clinic apart from other larger laser centers and practices.  While these centers often offer great deals on procedures like LASIK, it’s often at the expense of quality care.  In fact, at some Denver laser centers, some patients will only have contact with an ophthalmologist during the surgery. That’s not the case at the Levinson Eye Clinic at the Rose Medical Center.   Dr. Levinson understands that eye surgery is a big decision, so he commits to supporting each of his patients through every step of the process. You’ll meet personally with the doctor both before and after surgery.

Whether you’re looking to get LASIK, cataract surgery or a screening test for a driver’s license, the Dr. Levinson and his caring staff has put thousands of people on the path to 20/20 vision. For healthy eyes, healthy vision, and an overall improved quality of life, give us a call today at 303-393-0347.


Opthamologist Denver