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LASIK in Denver

Offering LASIK, PKR and routine eye care in Denver
Reasonable fees, flexible payment options, personalized care and state-of-the-art equipment and lasers make the Levinson Eye Clinic foremost among eye care providers in the Denver area. From LASIK and PKR surgery, to routine eye exams and treatment for cataracts and glaucoma, Dr. Richard Levinson has provided skilled, compassionate eye care to thousands of people throughout the greater Denver area since 1979.

In both LASIK and PKR surgery, an excimer laser is used to reshape the eye’s cornea. With LASIK procedures, the thin flap of corneal tissue is lifted, and the laser correction happens on the underlying corneal bed.  With PRK, a thin layer of clear skin that covers the corneal tissue is removed completely, and the correction is placed directly on the surface of the cornea. Both provide excellent long term results—though some people are better candidates for surgery than others.

You’ve decided you want LASIK—now what?
The first step in getting laser vision correction is meeting with a knowledgeable eye surgeon for a consultation. At the Levinson Eye Clinic, we offer free LASIK consultations, which are necessary for determining whether you’d make a good candidate for the procedure. During this consultation you’ll meet with Dr. Levinson and his staff and discuss the risks, benefits, and limitations of the procedure. The doctor will also review your medical and ocular history, and examine your eyes. You can schedule a free consultation at our Denver clinic here.

The “gold standard” of laser vision correction surgery
Dr. Levinson’s highest priority is providing his patients with the best eye care. What that means: unwavering dedication to accuracy, safety and details, as well as a commitment to building relationships with each patient that walks through the door.  Because he understands that price is a large consideration when it comes to choosing an eye surgeon, it’s important for prospective patients to realize the difference between a clinic like ours and low-cost, high volume center that claims to deliver a superior product for a fraction of the cost.  These centers often sacrifice quality for lower prices—meaning the equipment used is often less sophisticated, and  most patients will only meet their eye surgeon on the day of the procedure.

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