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LASIK in Colorado

Finding quality LASIK treatment in Colorado doesn’t need to be hard. Simply look to Levinson Eye Clinic, one of the first operational Laser Vision Correction Centers in Denver. With over three decades of experience as an eye surgeon, Dr. Richard Levinson is the most capable eye doctor in Colorado.

Dr. Levinson graduated from the University of Colorado School of Engineering in 1971, and went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1975. He then completed his residency training in Ophthalmology in 1979 and has been in Private Practice as a Board Certified eye surgeon ever since.

In 1995, the FDA approved Laser Vision Correction for use. Levinson Eye Clinic has performed thousands LASIK procedures in Colorado since then, in a safe and effective way. Our ongoing commitment is to create an environment for our patients that is both kind and caring, while offering the most advanced solutions to eye related ailments.

LASIK has proven to be quite the miracle technology indeed. Using a Excimer Laser, the distorted cornea is reshaped and corrected. A thin flap of corneal tissue is sliced and lifted up to make way for the laser to hit the underlying cornea bed, and effectively correct vision issues before the flap is replaced. With an over 98 percent success rate, the two percent that do see a complication are easily remedied. More than 95 percent of people over the age of 18 who wear glasses or contact lenses can benefit from this procedure.

LASIK in Colorado and abroad is truly an incredible feat. It is not, however, perfect. Not all patients are 100% satisfied with their experience and the procedure. There is a very small chance that even after surgery, you will still need mild corrective lenses for some normal tasks. Glare from bright lights at night can be very annoying, but usually subsides normally after three to six months post-operation. Patients over the age of 40 need to accept that regardless of the outcome of a procedure, that their eyes are aging, and will become increasingly nearsighted. No matter how amazing LASIK is, it will always take time to get used to, just like a new pair of contacts.

Levinson Eye Clinic is the most qualified to undertake the responsibility of healing your eyes with LASIK in Colorado.