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LASIK Denver Colorado

Imagine removing the need for corrective lenses completely from your life completely. Biking, running, swimming, playing, and more can be enjoyed fully without the inconvenience of glasses or contacts. As humans, one of our most important and cherished sensory systems is vision. Improving less than optimal vision is now safe and easy with Dr. Richard Levinson and LASIK in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Levinson is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist with over 35 years of experience as an eye surgeon in Denver. Since 1996, he has helped thousands of people reduce their dependence on corrective lenses with LASIK Laser Vision Correction procedures. Graduating from the University of Colorado School of Engineering in 1971 before continuing to receive his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1975, Dr. Levinson became Board Certified in 1980. He has been in private practice since, and was one of the first FDA-approved surgeons to perform LASIK in the Denver, CO area.

Our practice is a full-service optical shop featuring ultra-thin lenses, competitively priced eyeglass frames from top designers such as Calvin Klein & DKNY, and a complete line of prescription sunglasses and reading glasses. In addition to Laser Vision Correction, we also offer cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, routine eye exams, and treatment of dry eyes and other medical eye problems. The primary focus of our services is to inform and educate the patient about their diagnosis and the options available to treat them. Assisting Dr. Levinson are four certified Ophthalmic Assistants and two Laser Vision Coordinators. They, and Dr. Levinson are always available to discuss specific medical concerns and provide answers to any and all questions you may have.

Of course, our clinic in Denver, Colorado specializes in LASIK corrective surgery. Using an Excimer Laser, the procedure is state-of-the-art. A thin flap of corneal tissue is lifted and the laser correction applied on the underlying corneal bed. The flap can then be re-positioned and the approximately three day healing process can begin. An extended wear contact lens is placed over the eye for four to five days to promote faster healing of the epithelium.

Patient education is the primary focus of our team, and informing the patient about their diagnosis and the options available is what makes our practice the most comprehensive LASIK clinic in Denver, Colorado.