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Lasik Denver CO

There are few gifts greater than eyesight. Being able to enjoy daily activities without being dependent on corrective lenses is something everyone deserves. Bike, run, ski, swim, play, all without the inconvenience of contacts or glasses. This is true freedom.

Since the FDA approval of Laser Vision correction in 1995, millions of men and women with glasses and contacts have successfully and safely decreased their need for corrective lenses.

Richard Levinson, M.D., is a board certified eye physician and surgeon, with more than 35 years of experience. Dr. Levinson has performed thousands of LASIK procedures in Denver, CO.

LASIK uses an Excimer Laser to reshape the cornea. A thin flap of corneal tissue is lifted up and the laser correction placed on the underlying corneal bed. The flap is then re-positioned, and the incorrectly shaped lens is corrected, yielding better overall vision.

While very advanced and effective in correcting vision problems, LASIK isn’t perfect. With reasonable expectations, you will find LASIK to be one of the most valuable things you could do for yourself. With some limitations to be expected, the procedure more often than not yields amazing results. Limitations include a small 5 percent chance that mild glasses or contacts might be needed to “fine tune” distant vision after the procedure. Most vision artifacts noticed by patients post-operation include things like glare and dryness of the eyes, but these things usually completely go away after three to six months.

Despite the miraculous nature of LASIK, it still takes time to adjust to the change in vision after undergoing the procedure. When getting new glasses, it can take weeks to adapt to the new prescription. LASIK itself is like getting a wonderful new pair of glasses, but it can be just as slow to get accustomed to. Vision may fluctuate for two or three months after LASIK.

Dr. Levinson’s practice was one of the first LASIK clinics in Denver, CO, and is still widely accepted as one of the best. The cost to you, the patient, is buffered greatly by the available financing options. Monthly payments, credit cards, flexible spending accounts, and tax deduction benefits all contribute to ease the burden of the cost.

While price is, obviously, a large consideration when considering a Laser Vision Surgeon, there are other, more important concerns. Safety, quality of care, and price are all important factors that Dr. Levinson takes very seriously.