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Looking for LASIK center in Colorado?

Consider coming to Levinson Eye Clinic in Denver’s Rose Medical Center.  We’re a leading private ophthalmology practice offering LASIK, PKR, routine eye care, and treatment for both glaucoma and cataracts.  Dr. Richard Levinson has been providing superior eye to Colorado patients for more than 35 years. He’s been offering laser eye surgery since 1995, when the procedure was first approved by the FDA.

What exactly is laser corrective surgery? Simply put, the procedure changes the shape of the cornea using an excimer laser. Dr. Levinson offers both LASIK and PKR surgery. With the LASIK procedure, a thin flap of corneal tissue is lifted and the laser correction is placed on the underlying corneal bed and the overlying corneal flap then repositioned. In the PRK procedure, the correction is placed on the surface of the cornea.  In this procedure the epithelium, (clear skin covering the cornea) is painlessly removed prior to performing the laser treatment.

When it comes to getting the procedure done, you have several options.  Many of the large LASIK centers you’ll found throughout Colorado are often a popular option for many who want to decrease their dependence on glasses or contacts.  Many of these centers offer great rates for their laser eye surgery treatments, something they often can’t or don’t offer is quality, personal care both before and after the surgery.

While a certified ophthalmologist will perform the surgery at these centers, pre-op appointments and follow up care is often provided by an optometrist— in other words, someone who has limited training with the medical conditions of the eye.

At the Levinson Eye Clinic, Dr. Richard Levinson is committed to meeting personally with his patients for each appointment. Eye surgery is a big decision—and the results are often life-changing.  For many people, the prospect of eye surgery can be a little frightening, even though the procedure is safe and effective when performed correctly.  Dr. Richard Levinson believes in supporting his patients every step of the way.

If you live in Colorado and want to learn more about LASIK, give us a call to set up a free consultation today.


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