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Glasses & Contacts

If you are not quite ready for PRK or Lasik eye surgery, but want to improve your vision, Levinson Eye Clinic in Denver offers a full service, on-site lab and optical shop featuring ultrathin lenses and designer eyeglass frames. We sell frames from high end brands including Calvin Klein & DKNY. Dr. Levinson’s store, Image Optics, sells a wide range of accessories, sunglasses and reading glasses. Our onsite lab can also make single-vision glasses in minutes and bifocals within 24 hours.  Levinson Eye Clinic also offers the latest contact lens technologies.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, but find yourself sitting on the fence about laser vision correction surgery, why not learn a little more about the benefits? The majority of people who wear glasses or contacts are candidates for this procedure.

If you live in the Denver/Boulder area, and have questions about laser eye surgery, view our FAQ page or give us a call at 303-393-0347.