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Best LASIK in Denver

Looking for the best LASIK in Denver?

As one of the first LASIK clinics in the Denver area, the Levinson Eye Clinic is widely accepted as one the best. Dr. Levinson has a meticulous commitment to detail and quality care.  He also understands that the LASIK and PKR providers with the most success offer peace of mind and personalized services—in addition to the promise of improved vision. At the Levinson Eye Clinic, located in Denver’s Rose Medical Center, that translates to having a professional and knowledgeable support staff, offering patient access to the surgeon before and after eye surgery, and last, but not least, high quality lasers and equipment.

Superior technology
Dr. Levinson uses a VISX Star S4 ActiveTrack Excimer, as well as an Autonomous LADAR Excimer. These laser features an active tracking device that keeps the laser centered on the eye—regardless of how much the patient moves.  Low-cost, high volume LASIK and PKR centers on the other hand, often use the Nidek Excimer laser, which does not have an auto-tracking system and requires the doctor to manually focus each time the patient moves.  As a result, the patient is unable to blink. As a result, the eye must be held open by an uncomfortable eyelid speculum for the length of the procedure.

Financing options
From providing transportation to those who need it, to offering a several financing options, our patients are our first priority. We also want you to have the best care possible, without worrying about the costs. Financing options incl­ude monthly payments, credit cards, and flexible spending accounts. Monthly payments start as low as $72. (View our cost and finance page for more information.) Our laser vision correction fees also include one year of postoperative follow up and there’s no additional charge for correcting astigmatism.

Expertise, high quality service and our commitment to customer care and satisfaction makes us one of the best LASIK and PKR centers in the greater Denver area. Have questions? Give us a call today at 303-393-0347.